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"Politics is dumb, but very important." - Vaush

A LOT of the Online Political Debate space is confidently saying incorrect things or strictly adhering to an ideology regardless of contradiction. I view my role in the debate space is to forward my own worldview which tends to be very centrist and pragmatic, but also to challenge the extreme poles of current politics. While I doubt I will ever get a creator to change their minds publicly, I do hope to sway their audience either towards my view or away from zealotry.

As a debate principle I debate to understand, not to win. Everything I say is what I'm thinking, and i try to understand and be understood. Even when opponents seem intentionally obtuse, contradictory, or bad faith, even if I'm yelling, I try to return the conversation to what I believe, what my opponent believes, and why I believe I am correct. No one has to agree with me, but I want them to understand why I believe what I believe.

thoughtful entertainment

"The unexamined life is not worth living," - Socrates

I believe that drawing people into the channel by breaking down art and current events from a Law Enforcement and Military perspective can better communication between the security services and the civilian population, improve public safety, and entertain.


I am a Marine Corps & Law Enforcement Veteran. Breaking down current events and movies from my perspective is a sincere honor, and helps me process my own experiences.

SCI-FI/FANTASY/pop culture

Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Pop Culture are all avenues through which to explore what it means to be human. These mediums can offer insight into the human condition, the forces in our lives, and how we can live good and bad lives. I love exploring these themes and how they apply.


Warhammer 40,000 is a beautiful Grim Dark Science Fiction Universe, and its exploration has been a cornerstone of my hobbies and channel.

Personal Development

"Knowledge is half the battle, and the other half is brutal violence." - G.I. Joe

I want to give young people the ability to develop themselves by creating original content that enables them to climb Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. While a simplification of the concept, Abraham Maslow posited that humans act based on predictable psychology of needs. He proposed those needs to be tiered, and lower needs to be met in order to pursue higher ones. I believe this idea offers insight into the human mind but also offers a conceptual framework through which to achieve human development and fulfillment.


How to eat, how to be fit, how to secure housing.


How to fight, how to shoot, how to secure your finances.


How to gain friends, how to treat enemies, how to climb social rungs, and how to build a community.


How to identify your goals, pursue them, and make yourself and the world better.

Self actualization

How to become your best self, consider the religious and spiritual, and how to give back.

the counterpoints cooperative project

The Counterpoints Cooperative Project asks the question, "What the hell are we doing in online politics and how do we leverage that into the real world?"  

  • Many complain that so much time and energy is wasted on endless debate.
  • Many complain that there are material needs in the world that are not being met.
  • Many complain that Millenials and younger are addicted to technology and as a result are socially isolated and disengaged from their communities.

I propose a solution, the Cooperative Project.

using what's already there

The Twitch Politics Community is filled with 10s of 1000s of young, passionate, talented people who feel listless. They turn to creators to fight out viewpoints on their behalf. People should be encouraged to continue their thougthful engagement, while breaking off a portion of their talents for real world advocacy.

digital hybridization

Many complain that digital technology is a black hole of energy and gives nothing back to the user. We want to change that. Using the digital tools of YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, & Discord to connect people on a regional and state level for community engagement, community service, mutual aid, and charity.

community engagement

Simple beliefs unite this community:

  • The world has problems.
  • We can make the world better tomorrow than it was today.

That's it. If you believe those two things, engage with people of varying political backgrounds to brainstorm how to leverage your talents to help yourself and others by working together. It could be as simple as being there for someone in a discord call during a hard time, joining a zoom call to help educate kids, or traveling to a local meet up with community members so you can touch grass together. You get out what you put in, but considering how disconnected we are as a society, there's nowhere to go but up.


Team up with regional and local people to figure out how best to engage with your community. Volunteering your time to help mentor kids academically, canvas for political figures, cure ballots, play with shelter animals, provide food for the needy, or help clean up the neighborhood. Your interests, gifts, talents can drive what you want to do while like minded people encourage and help you purse those goals.

mutual aid

It is the long term goal of the Counterpoints Cooperative Project to use communal funds for disaster relief and mutual aid during times of crisis. Offering volunteers, equipment, and money to community members who need assistance during and after disasters.


Don't have time or talent but have money? Help by donating during fundraisers or by bankrolling regional members so they can take on projects of their own.